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Specialist Range of Precast Products

Telecomms Junction Box

Sometimes referred to as Service ChambersJunction Boxes or Service Boxes

ESB Mini Pillar Vault

Approved Concrete Pre-cast Minipillar Vaults

TV / CCTV / Cable Box

TV / CCTV / Cable Vault Box

What We Do

Creative Concrete manufacture a specialist range of precast products:

Innovative cable box’s approved by ESB, EIRCOM and other utility providers. These together a range of standard products offer improved efficiency in site and road development.

Custom-made traditional door surrounds and window mouldings for restoration and new houses are part of our product range.

Established in 1999, the business has grown each year, increasing its range of products and broadening its customer base.

Our customers include Builders, Developers, Merchants, Local Authorities, Semi-State, and Private Home Builders.

Precast Products

Door Surrounds

Window and Door Mouldings

Restoration and Specialist Mouldings


This is to confirm that EIRCOM have approved the installation of the Creative Concrete JB4 junction boxes, which have been certified by Testconsult Ireland, for Housing Developments.’– EIRCOM


‘I have received your revised your revised ‘Guidelines For Installation’ for Creative Concretes vaults Revision 3, In accordance with these specifications and installation instructions ESB hereby approve this vault for use
on ESB Networks’
 – ESB

ESB Networks
ESB Networks

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