N59 Moycullen

N59 Moycullen

N59 Moycullen Bypass, Co. Galway

At Creative Concrete we manufacture Chambers for the Irish transport infrastructure, meeting TII’s strict specifications. In tandem with TII, we are committed to building a sustainable future for transportation in Ireland.

Advantages of Precast Chambers:

  • Cast without damaging effects of weather
  • Environmentally safe and sustainable
  • Comes in a variety of widths and lengths
  • Short timeframe for creation, which leads to reduced costs
  • High level of precision, consistency, and strength due to controlled factory conditions
  • Since units can be mass produced, there is economy of scale
  • Fixed pricing allows more accurate budgeting of construction, and is ideal for large construction works, and for rapid construction
  • Safer working platform since raw materials are not stocked on site and there is a reduced need for workers and traditional formworks
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