Station Walk

Station Walk
Ballymore Group
Main Contractor:
Michael Doyle Civil Engineering
Full range of Utility Chambers

Station Walk, A Ballymore Development

Creative Concrete is dedicated to providing exceptional quality in housing development projects. Utility chambers undergo rigorous inspections for utmost excellence.

Advantages of Precast Chambers:

  • Cast without damaging effects of weather
  • Environmentally safe and sustainable
  • Comes in a variety of widths and lengths
  • Short timeframe for creation, which leads to reduced costs
  • High level of precision, consistency, and strength due to controlled factory conditions
  • Since units can be mass produced, there is economy of scale
  • Fixed pricing allows more accurate budgeting of construction, and is ideal for large construction works, and for rapid construction
  • Safer working platform since raw materials are not stocked on site and there is a reduced need for workers and traditional formworks
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